Pee Ka Poo ON SPECIAL PROMOTION CARTON of Large 12pcs pcs Taped Diapers [12 x 12pcs]

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This Bundle Set Includes:

What’s in the package

12 x 12 PACKS OF Taped



Top 3 Reasons Why People Choose Pee-Ka-Poo

1) It’s exceptional quality and comfort are better than most leading brands
2) It lasts really long. Up to 12 Hours. Means you save more money compared to other brands
3) It is Super Breathable. Does not cause rashes, abrasions, red lines and does not leak

Product Details:
– Comfy stretch waistband allow a perfect fit for various body shapes and sizes
– Cute fun prints for boys and girls
– 50 pieces per pack regardless of size
– Permasorp Core allows up to 12 Hours Protection
– All round snug and comfy fit
– Extended diaper length to prevent waistline leakage when baby sleeps chest down
– Wetness Lock Technology keeps away dampness so baby’s butt stays dry
– Cashmere soft nonwoven fabric inner layer for increased comfort
– Super fast pee absorption rate, evenly distributed to maximise comfort
– Securely fitting moisture barrier cuffs help prevent side leakage
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12 x 12 pcs Large Taped Diapers (9-14kg)


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