About Pee-Ka-Poo

Peekapoo diapers redefine the standards of baby care with their innovative PERMASORP CORE, setting them apart from competitors. Unlike traditional diapers, Peekapoo’s are thinner, more absorbent, and devoid of any bacteria-breeding wood pulp, ensuring a breathable and comfortable experience for infants. This core technology enables quick absorption and locks in wetness efficiently, significantly reducing the risk of diaper rashes by keeping the baby’s skin dry.

The strength of Peekapoo’s design lies in its capacity to prevent leaks even amidst the most vigorous toddler activities. The Permasorp Core’s durable structure contrasts sharply with the hollow, break-prone areas found in wood pulp-based diapers offered by other brands, thereby offering superior leakage protection. This resilience is paired with unparalleled softness and comfort, despite being thinner and more absorbent than many leading products on the market.

Combining the latest technology and the finest materials, Peekapoo diapers are tailored for both the well-being of babies and peace of mind for parents. Their commitment to quality and innovation makes Peekapoo diapers a superior choice for families looking for reliable, comfortable, and effective diapering solutions.

Peekapoo diapers and pants are thoughtfully designed to cater to babies of all sizes, ensuring a perfect fit from the smallest infants to active toddlers. Understanding the diverse needs of growing children, Peekapoo offers a comprehensive range of sizes, including the hard-to-find XXL size for the bigger or older toddlers who still require the protection and comfort of a diaper. This inclusivity in sizing underscores Peekapoo’s commitment to providing solutions for every stage of a child’s early development, making them a versatile and trusted choice for parents seeking both quality and adaptability in baby care products.