Only $120 away from free shipping
Only $120 away from free shipping

Our Story

Two fun-loving daddies in Singapore who face a tricky situation. Their wives have been constantly complaining of diaper leakages and sleepless nights! The prolonged complaints were taking a toll on the two daddies. Hence, during their business trips, the daddies started buying back diapers from countless supermarkets all over the world, from USA to China to Japan….just to see if there is any better solution out there.

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All round snug and comfy fit with refastenable tabs to allow a perfect fit for various body shapes and sizes
Broader, stretchable waistband allows perfect fit during movement
Extended diaper length to prevent waistline leakage when baby sleeps chest down
Strap markers for easy fitting
Permasorp Core. Thinner and more comfortable, more absorbent than traditional diapers
Super fast pee absorption rate, evenly distributed to maximise comfort
Securely fitting moisture barrier cuffs help prevent side leakage
Cute fun prints for boys and girls



Rashes Gone!

“I tried all kinds of diapers in the market but diaper rash still formed, until I tried Pee-Ka-Poo on my youngest son! My son’s nanny also mentioned that the diaper is very comfy and all the rashes are gone.”

- Shirlyn Ting -

Very Soft, Stretchable and Thin!

“Both Internal and External materials of Pee-Ka-Poo has a soft texture. There were no leakage even after 5 hours of usage. It is very stretchable, allowing my baby to move freely without abrasions or redness. Also, Pee-Ka-Poo is so thin it easily fits into the handbag.”

- Mdm Arifah -

Commendable Absorbency and Dryness!

“First thing that striked me was how buttery soft and premium the material was! Pee-Ka-Poo elastic band adheres to the baby’s butt nicely to prevent poop leakage whilst soft enough to not cause any discomfort. Poop also doesn’t stay on the surface, commendable absorbency and dryness. The print on it is quite adorable as well!”

- Mrs Tay -

Power to Pee-Ka-Poo!

“My boy Jayven actually slept through the night when wearing Pee-Ka-Poo diaper! Usually when he is on Huggies, he will toss and turn in the middle of the night and cry because he can feel the diaper’s wetness on his skin. But with Pee-Ka-Poo, he slept so soundly that he didn't even cry for milk. Power to Pee-Ka-Poo!”

- Lionel Tan -