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Two fun-loving daddies in Singapore who face a tricky situation. Their wives have been constantly complaining of diaper leakages and sleepless nights! The prolonged complaints were taking a toll on the two daddies. Hence, during their business trips, the daddies started buying back diapers from countless supermarkets all over the world, from USA to China to Japan….just to see if there is any better solution out there.
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They realized that in those more advanced countries, there are actually a wide range of diapers that are available. But there are just too many brands and technical details to look into. So they gave up searching for the perfect diaper. But after many more tiring and sleepless nights, countless washings of comforters and Pssst… They even had to spend quite a bit of effort and money to clean their expensive mattresses, these two daddies finally decided… “We’ve gotta do something about this situation!”
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Then a light bulb moment came. One of them said “Why not let US create the SUPER DIAPER!” That was when business trips became Diaper Research trips. For months, they visited several diaper companies, trade shows and factories… trying to piece together a SUPER DIAPER FORMULA.
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Finally they were able to create an extraordinary diaper. What did they do next? They spent tens of thousands of their own money to manufacture the diaper to the specification that they wanted. It’s like the diaper for SUPERHEROS! When the diapers arrived, their kids love them so much they even create a play word around it. These daddies also started giving out diapers to their friends and received very positive feedback.
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When their friends ask them where to purchase those diapers, they were surprised that these two daddies were the creators of the diapers they have fallen in love with. It sounded a bit farfetched but that was what these two daddies did. Subsequently, they realised that the market had a need for really high quality premium diapers at an affordable price. That was when they decided to use the play word created by their kids for their new diaper brand, Pee-Ka-Poo!