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Was introduced to Pee-Ka-Poo by one of my girlfriends and purchased the 12pc pack to try out. I supposed I already had good feelings towards the brand cos I love the brand Color! Even the packaging of the pack feels more premium than a lot of others which gives off a plastic-ky feel. The diaper itself is very soft and it really does gives a “”cashmere”” feel. The folding of the diaper is small and handy, great to put in my diaper bag as it’s not bulky. 

Good job Pee-KaPoo! #peekapoobaby

Zeta Koh

April 21, 2017

Took me a while to write a feedback coz i really wanted to make sure of it. And really it works like magic.. 1st time i tried to my son he slept the whole streched of 8hours, woke up for a milk and sleep again like he really doesn’t care. He’s only 3mos old and usually sleep 3-4hours wake up for milk and sleep again. So 2nd night of trying, same thing happened again.


Princess Ann Murali

June 14, 2017

Snug and comfy, a perfect comfort fit.The waist band is broad and stretchable, ideal for toddlers always on the move.The moisture barrier cuffs fit securely to prevent side leakage.Very fast absorption rate and any discomfort is kept to the minimum.Pee-Ka-Poo diapers are thinner so they occupy minimal space in the bag. More absorbent than traditional diapers Cute and lively prints Overall

Cindy Lim

June 3, 2017

Pee-Ka-Poo I really love how soft, smooth and light it is. The elastic on the diapers doesn’t “”bite”” my baby’s thigh. Loop.The diapers is thin and compact so now I no need a diaper bag, just throw into my small handbag. Hehe. My baby doesn’t need a diaper change at night too. We love it.
Thanks for this trial pack!!!

Mak Elsa

April 12, 2017

Diaper is compact,very light and very soft and cottony.. baby loves it a lot!! Diaper can last thru out the whole night.. by next morning it doesn’t feels heavy or wet.. baby’s butt is still dry no leakage at all!! Happy baby equals to happy mummy!! Definitely will buy again and will recommend to friends and family! #peekaboobaby

Eileen Yang

April 16, 2017

Just received the pamper and is so comfortable until he is sleeping comfortable and smiling away. He love the comfort and secure as he is a hyper active boy is difficult to change for him with this pamper is easy for me. For me i love the packaging and softness. Love to max. s- feeling loved with Sng Ch.

Carol Neo

April 13, 2017

Just received the sample pack of the diaper and it definitely is one super soft & thin diaper that I’ve use for my boys before. Really love how it felts to be on the skin comparable to moony and goon material as well. The quality is pretty amazing and glad my boy loves it! Totally love it and hope to have the pants version would be even better! #peekapoobaby

Jariis Zaeden Zephyr

April 13, 2017

The diapers are very soft and good absorb. The size also bigger than others brand. It also fold into a small size and suitable to put in my bag. My baby girl wear very comfortable. Baby and me LOVE it so muc

Esther Hon

April 13, 2017

Look at her after 14hours of wearing peekapoo diaper. Simply no leakage. Thanks peekapoo. #peekapoobaby

Pet Ling Ng

April 13, 2017

I have tried the diaper and am very happy that the diaper is very very Sofy and is very absorbent… no leakage for 5 hours use. Great to know that we have such great sg brand diapers. Will continue to support. But as my girl is growing bigger, it would be even better if there will soon to have pull up pants available too…..
#peekapoobaby — in

Sylvia Natkayla

April 12, 2017

Like the diaper material and no leakage problem and it can fold up so small to keep. Baby love it so much! #peekapoobaby

Stacey Lim

April 13, 2017

The diapers is very soft. And can last overnight no need to change middle of the night and no leakage whole night. #peekapoobaby.

Irene GO

April 15, 2017

When I opened up the pack of diaper, I was really amazed by how soft the diapers were! Upon wearing the diaper for my girls, I realised the diapers are so stretchy.. hence the size were bigger than what I thought..
I always have problems with their pants being wet if I don’t change their diapers on time.

Lyin Borbor

April 14, 2017