3ply Unbleached Bamboo Fibre Lotion Tissue


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Did You Know That Changing Your Tissue Paper Could Make Your Kid Much Healthier?




The Findings Here Reveal What You May Not Be Aware Of…



You use it daily, it wipes almost anything…
your sweat, mucus, poop etc.
You use them on your most delicate parts of the body, you even use them on your babies.
Yes. It is the simple tissue paper…



But what is really in the ingredients?




If we know there’s something you’re using daily that’s harming you and your little one…
Would you like to know about it?


Cos we got curious about sanitary and hygiene products.
In particular…
The Tissue Paper!


So… We Googled “Is Tissue Paper Toxic”


and our jaws dropped!


The research findings says that “white” tissue paper is
TOXIC and contains Chlorine and Dioxins.
So what does Chlorine and Dioxins do to our bodies?


From further searching, here’s what we found out:

How Does Chlorine Affect Skin?



According to the World Health Organisation:


(Source: World Health Organisation)


The World Health Organisation Reports That Dioxins Affects
Developing Fetus And Newborns The Most.






It is logical to ask:
“Why do tissue paper producing companies
include these harmful chemicals?”





The Surprising Answer Is Because


People Think That White Equals Clean!











Dewysoft’s Unbleached
Bamboo Lotion Tissue





Using 100% biodegradable bamboo fibre,
it cleans all sorts of daily mess without harming the environment.
We even added Aloe Vera on the surface to give a super smooth layer of comfort and skin protection.




Formulated by Singapore parents, tested in Singapore, a country of high hygiene standards.
This fragrance-free bamboo tissue has natural anti-bacterial properties, with no added alcohol, fragrances or parabens.
Dewysoft Bamboo Lotion Tissues are also super soft and safe, caring for babies and parents alike.
Not only that, but they’re 100% unbleached and doesn’t tear easily.

Thanks to the combination of natural ingredients, these wipes do not irritate and
doesn’t cause any rashes or skin problems.
This is probably the most comfortable, healthy, hygienic,
Eco-friendly tissue paper you’ve ever used…

Contains Aloe Vera, Bamboo Fibre,
Super Smooth, Doesn’t Tear Easily,
No Bleaching, No harsh chemicals,
Antimicrobial and chlorine free, ultra-soft, eco friendly





The primary ingredient that makes it special:







Bamboo Cellulose Fibre



Bamboo Cellulose Fibre is 100% biodegradable, Unbleached and has a natural cotton-soft texture.
Bamboo also contains a substance called bamboo-kun,
an antimicrobial agent that gives the plant a natural resistance to pest and fungi infestation.
It is therefore known to have natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.



Aloe Vera




‘Aloe vera is wonderful for the skin,’ says Dr Nigma Talib.
It’s soothing and moisturising and contains vitamins A,B,C,D and E as well as minerals and anti-oxidants,
which means that it is very healing.
It is also anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
It has also been discovered that aloe vera has anti-ageing properties.



Besides being beneficial to your skin and health,
the other benefit of bamboo is being…






We made our Bamboo Tissue 3 Ply





One of the most yucky feeling one can get when using tissue paper is
when you are wiping something and the tissue paper tears.


Whatever you were trying to wipe off… now gets onto your hands!
It can be poop, or mucus and some other unsanitary substance.
That’s really disgusting!


Dewysoft’s Bamboo Tissue is made to be soft yet durable.
It is 3 ply and therefore does not tear easily, giving you peace of mind when using it.




Great For Wiping Sweat!



Does not leave behind embarrassing residue


In a hot and humid country, tissue paper is essential for wiping sweat.
However, many tissue papers crumble and tear when wet.
This is quite inconvenient, sometimes even embarrassing when
you are unaware that there’s tissue paper stuck on your face.







Gentle On Runny Noses





Ever had days when that runny nose causes you to use uncountable amounts of tissue paper?
Your nose is red and sore due to too much blowing?
Yet you can’t help but keep blowing more despite those abrasions?
Yes. We do understand as we’ve been there too.
Dewysoft’s Bamboo Lotion Tissue is designed to be gentle on babies, more “silky” than regular tissue paper.

That’s why…. The softness makes it “gentle on a runny nose” because it doesn’t cause abrasions.


When We Introduced Dewysoft’s Bamboo Lotion Tissue To The Public,
They Really Loved It…

Here’s What They Had To Say:


… such reviews keep coming in daily as more and more people switch to using Dewysodt’s Bamboo Lotion Tissue:
To be honest, we really didn’t expect that big of a welcoming response. We just wanted to provide really quality and healthy products.
So… From the bottom of our hearts,
we are really thankful that you appreciate the effort were are putting in
to give you the best that you and your little one deserves.



If You HAVEN’T Tried Dewysoft’s Bamboo Lotion Tissue,
Why Not Get One Today?



Your Body Will Know The Difference





Dewysoft: From the Heart


Dewysoft’s products are made by parents who want the best and most healthy, hygienic products for their little ones.
As a parent, you’ll understand that parents unconditionally love and care for their children.
Which is why we’ll only let our children use products that we feel safe about.
That is why we adopt a Do-No-Harm approach when developing our products.
And at Dewysoft, safety is always our top priority… So that’s why we want to put your mind at ease and…

It’s a clear and simple truth too.

You can choose cheaper, lower quality tissue paper laced with chlorine and dioxins.
You may save a little but in the long term, the risks are simply not worth it.
When you or your little one gets sick,
there isn’t anyone who can “suffer your illness on your behalf”

So it’s time to switch to our Dewysoft’s Bamboo Lotion Tissue now and reap these benefits.


Protect You and Your Little One…



Protection from germs and bacteria, naturally.


A chemical-free daily life.

Absorbent and not easily torn when wiping up soils.

Cotton-soft: no more skin inflammation or irritation.

Happier smiles.

More Relaxed parents!


Every Dewysoft Bamboo Lotion Tissue is made with the wellbeing
of parents and babies in mind.

Healthier Wipes, Healthier Hands, Healthier Life

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