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2 x 280ml Head to Toe Shampoo
FREE 1 x 80pcs Wet Wipes

Your Perfect Baby Shampoo, Now in Stock – 100% Paraben-Free, Environmentally Friendly… What’s Not to Love?

Hey Mama or Papa,

If there’s one thing about raising a little one you’d be forgiven for feeling a hint of dread over, it’s bathtime.

Sure, your little one is super-cute splashing around with their favourite toys. And nothing beats post-bath towel snuggles! Even actually getting down to a good scrub is almost relaxing…

…Except for the hair.

Screaming, crying, their little eyes all red-rimmed – and when they get older? Tangles and knots galore… which only leads to more soreness and sobs!

We thought it’s time to put a stop to all of it.

Old-fashioned baby shampoo is manufactured from harmful (and non-biodegradable) chemicals, which irritate your baby’s delicate scalp. Before you know it, the shampoo’s running down and damaging the skin on the rest of their body… before washing down the drain and out into the oceans.

Hygienic, sure… but healthy, or relaxing? Of course not!

You can believe product promises that say old-fashioned baby shampoo will keep your newborn or toddler clean, but that’s where it ends. Most brands are manufactured from non-biodegradable ingredients that kill bacteria, but also hinder the growth of healthy microbes your baby’s immune system needs to develop…

…And not only that, but they’re laced with toxins and chemicals. Every time you use one, you’re smearing your little one with harmful ingredients and draining the residue into the water system, where it pollutes marine life and never properly breaks down into the water.

Gross, right?

And here’s the worst part: not only are you risking the wellbeing of your baby, but you’re getting the shampoo on your hands – or even on your hair if you use it as well now and then.

Can you give your baby 100% of the love and care they deserve if you get sick?

That’s way too much of a risk.

But here’s the good news – you don’t need to put your baby in a bubble to protect her… or start buying expensive organic products… or even change your new family’s routine.

Introducing Pee-Ka-Poo Baby Head-to-Toe Shampoo.

Like you, thousands of mamas and papas across the world are just discovering the healthier way to softly clean their little one’s hair. Old chemical-laden baby shampoos just fail to live up to the task… unlike our new formula, which we’re excited to show you right now.

Pee-Ka-Poo Baby Head-to-Toe Shampoo has a brand new formula, manufactured in Singapore, home of world-leading innovations in skin care. Each bottle contains high-quality shampoo which cleanses and soothes your baby’s skin, with no harmful ingredients.

Plus, our shampoo actually does include a “no-tears” formula – which not only reduces breakages, but also prevents eye irritation! As we carefully ensure every bottle is PH-balanced, there’s no more need for red eyes or crying.

And thanks to the combination of natural ingredients, this shampoo does not harm the environment, dry out your little one’s skin, or irritate any rashes or skin problems. It’s been tested extensively to keep baby’s skin as moisturised as possible, with no harmful effects – and none of the chemicals you’ll find in other brands (go ahead, look at the labels!).

Ingredients NOT Included:

…And more damaging ingredients that you would find in any other bottle of brand baby shampoo.

You wouldn’t leave your baby to play on a dirty sidewalk, or squirt drain cleaner in their bathtub… so why use harmful shampoos on their delicate skin?

We think your baby’s happiness is more important than anything in this world: just like you. That’s why you’ll agree there’s no more room left in your life – or on your bathroom counter – for yet more baby shampoos that fail to live up to no-tears promises.

Better yet? When we say head-to-toe, we mean it! Pee-Ka-Poo Baby Head-to-Toe Shampoo is so mild, you can use it as a cleanser for every part of their little body: not just their hair. It won’t dry out their delicate skin, saves you money, and gets them ready for a happy, quiet bedtime.

Throw away all the chemical-laden, greasy, nasty products you’ve wasted money on in the past – and replace them with Pee-Ka-Poo Baby Head-to-Toe Shampoo. It’s the best thing you’ll have ever done for your little one.

WAIT: Not Just For Baby… It’s For You, Too!

We get it – you’re rushed and pressed for time. Sometimes you gotta finish that jar of baby food for breakfast, or use diaper rash cream for moisturiser!

Good news – Pee-Ka-Poo Baby Head-to-Toe Shampoo can work for you, too.

If you’ve got a skin condition, or know someone who struggles finding a kind, mild shampoo, why not treat yourself to a few bottles of your very own?

It’s perfect for stressed mamas, environment-lovers, and papas on the go alike. It won’t cause any tangles (or tears!) and it’s perfect to use in a quick shower, or a long relaxing soak after a hard day.

Remember: natural ingredients are essential for the whole family, not just for growing little ones. Look after your and your family’s health by getting rid of old, unwanted chemical cleansers in your bathroom and replace them with Pee-Ka-Poo Baby Head-to-Toe Shampoo (it might even be perfect for your pet!).

…Because here at Pee-Ka-Poo, we truly believe you deserve the very best the world has to offer.

Here’s some reviews from happy customers:


This Shampoo Won’t Last… But Your Old Products’ Chemicals Will.
If there’s one thing more stressful than giving your baby a bath, it’s how fast the shampoo and soap runs out!

(That’s why we know you’ll be delighted with the price: it’s worth every penny, to the last drop.)

…And it just goes down the drain after the job is done, never to be seen again.

Except, of course, by our oceans.

Whenever you use an old-fashioned shampoo with harmful ingredients, those chemicals wash down your drain, through the sewers and out into the oceans… never truly dissolving into water. Fish, turtles, dolphins and whales, and even sea birds and other aquatic life are irreversibly damaged every single day by these ingredients: wildlife that, one day, your little one might not get to enjoy.

Let’s stop it, right now:

1. 1.    Buy Pee-Ka-Poo Baby Head-to-Toe Shampoo.
2. 2.    Every single bathtime, for you and your baby, use a small amount to cleanse the whole body – top to bottom!
3. 3.    Don’t forget to recycle the bottle, and only buy as much as you need.

Together, we can help soothe the earth as well as your baby’s delicate skin. No more tears, across the globe.

With no chemical preservatives or alcohol, the naturally antibacterial properties of our natural ingredients will keep your shampoo useable for months – or even years – if stored properly.

That’s right – ready to welcome any little brothers or sisters!

…But the real benefits? You won’t find them inside the bottle.

They’re on your baby’s glowing skin, the smell of their soft hair, and their restful, calm sleep.

Benefits for Your Loved One…

Undisturbed, restful sleep.
Cleansed hair and body, naturally.
A chemical-free start in life.
Powerful moisturising.
Reduced eye and skin irritation – truly no-more-tears.
Happier smiles.
Relaxed parents!

…A healthy, giggling Pee-Ka-Poo baby.

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2 x 280ml Head to Toe Shampoo

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FREE 1 x 80pcs Wet Wipes