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Eat, Play, Learn Bundle

Eat, Play, Learn Bundle

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Total Price : $49.5

The Eat, Play, Learn Bundle consists of :

1. 1x Wanderlust BusyMat (12 pcs markers included!)
2. 1x Tutti Frutti BusyMat (12 pcs markers included!)
3. 2x 80pcs of Pee-Ka-Poo Bamboo Wet Wipes

With BusyMat, mealtimes with your little ones will ALWAYS become educational yet fun!

Imagine bonding and teaching them all about animals... Dinosaurs... Fruits... Sea creatures.. Landmarks... Etc... All during mealtime!

And BEST OF ALL, getting them to eat WITHOUT the use of digital devices!

And with Bamboo Wet Wipes, your little ones can easily wipe their hands and their coloring mat for the next meal time! 

Our Wet Wipes come with antibacterial properties, which help keep your little ones’ hands and coloring mats safe and protected at all times.

Since this is a special collaboration, there are only 15 bundle sets availablewink

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