Unbleached Bamboo Dry Tissue (70 pieces)

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Pee-Ka-Poo Bamboo Dry Wipes Is The Healthier, Eco Friendly Alternative To Tissue Papers

They Are Naturally AntiBacterial, Yet Soft And Gentle For Even Sensitive Skin.

Each wipe is:

(1) Unbleached and contains Natural Bamboo Fibres that's Naturally Anti-Bacterial
(2) It is Durable and Doesn't Tear Easily... Even when it's wet
(3) It is Eco-Friendly and doesn't harm the environment

Super Soft and Comfortable

You’ll also discover that our wipes, made of bamboo fibre is incredibly soft, that’s even soften than cotton. Not only will it feel nice on your baby’s delicate skin, it is gentle enough to use on your little one’s face, hands and nappy area.

Q: Have you ever wondered why bamboo can thrive naturally without any pesticide, and why it does not get eaten by pests or get infected by pathogens?

A: According to scientists, "bamboo kun" makes bamboo a naturally antibacterial and antifungal plant.